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Started tons of courses, but never finished one?

You've enrolled in various courses, but you always found attending weekly Spanish lessons really challenging, due to long commutes to the school, until one day you decide you don't have time for it. So, in the end, you always give up.

Have a huge collection of unfinished books?

With each course you have to buy a textbook and, after all the Spanish courses you've taken, you've ended up having a collection of books that lay sad and lonesome on a shelf.

Stuck on the same level for ages and you're sick of it?

I know. We've already said that you never finished your courses but, you should have learned something along the way, right? It feels really good when you have that sense of progress. So, why would you miss it then?


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At your own pace



Live lessons with high-quality technology

No Skype, no Hangouts. We want you to have the best learning experience possible, so we use a software that will make you feel as if you were in the same room with your Spanish tutor! It offers great image and sound quality which will allow you to see your teacher’s face perfectly, but also their gestures and body language, which are just as important.

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Qualified and experienced teachers

All our online Spanish tutors have been teaching for several years and are more than comfortable working with technology through our Spanish lessons online. In addition, all of them are official Instituto Cervantes examiners which guarantees top-notch quality education when learning Spanish online.

Your needs and no one else's

Whether you are looking for a course covering the most important contents in each level or a Spanish tutor who can prepare the best online Spanish classes ‘à la carte’, we can definitely meet your needs. We offer different types of lessons and, once you have filled the needs analysis document, we’ll know exactly what you need, allowing us to offer offer you the best service

online spanish classes

Accredited Centre by Instituto Cervantes

AIP Language Institute has been an Accredited Centre by Instituto Cervantes for more than 10 years, meaning that we meet the teaching standards this institution demands, our Spanish online courses are designed according to the Instituto Cervantes curriculum and all our students receive a certificate of attendance for their Spanish lessons online with the guarantee of Instituto Cervantes. 

Free class trial

That’s right! No strings attached! You try our lessons and, if you don’t like them, you have two options: 1) give us your feedback, help us improve our online Spanish classes and give us a second chance or 2) try online lessons somewhere else. What matters most to us is that you are 100% satisfied with our system. It just takes one click to give our Spanish lessons online a try, so why not give it a shot?!

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Choose the perfect online lesson







  • Price per lesson
  • 55-minute lesson
  • Private lesson
  • Tailor-made class

*Only for the courses A2.1, A2.2, A2.3, B1.1, B1.2, B1.3. A1 and B2 have different prices due to a higher number of hours per course. 

Frequently asked questions

Of course they are, unless you don’t want to learn conveniently from home or anywhere else. Our online Spanish classes are for everyone interested in learning Spanish while having fun. You don’t need to know much about technology or even about Spanish. Just be eager to learn and we’ll take care of the rest.

That’s a terrific question! Let me put that as simple as possible.

Group Spanish lessons online.

They can have up to 4 students – never more than that – and they follow a syllabus designed by AIP Language Institute to cover the most important areas of each level (see more info about levels in the following question). 

Private Spanish lessons online.

In this case, it’s just you and one of our online Spanish tutors following the same approach as in the Group Lessons, as you will follow a syllabus previously created by us which has no room for personal tweaks. 

Private Pro Spanish lessons online.

This is the crown jewel! After filling our Needs Analysis form, our Spanish tutors will put their minds together to create tailor-made lessons just for you. You are the boss and we’ll be your genie in a bottle. 

If you decide to join one of the groups or if you go for private lessons with a pre-stablished syllabus, this is what you need to know.

A2 (Pre-Intermediate) and B1 (Intermediate) levels have been divided into 3 blocks of 8 lessons each. B2 level (Upper-Intermediate) instead, has been divided into 3 blocks of 12 lessons each.

When enrolling in Group lessons, you will always have to buy one 8-lesson block at a time (or a 12-lesson package in B2), at least. You can buy the whole level from the very beginning if you want too. So, if you buy the first block of A2, you will have two Spanish online lessons a week at set times, during 4 weeks. After that, you can continue buying more lessons, try Private or Private Pro lessons, or quit attending lessons.

Bear in mind that the different levels have fixed dates and you won’t be able to join a specific group or level once it has begun. 

When enrolling in Private lessons, you will be following the pre-designed syllabus but you are not obligated to buy the whole level at once. You can buy one lesson at a time if you prefer so. Every time you buy a lesson you will have to pick a day and time. When buying more than one, you will have to repeat the process of picking a day and time as many times as Spanish online lessons you buy. 

If you want to know more about the levels and the content of the lessons, you can check all syllabuses HERE.

All our Spanish lessons online have a communicative approach with hands-on learning. When one lesson is aimed at getting to know some grammar content, the upcoming one will have its main focus on practice. Nevertheless, every single class will be very dynamic and you will play an active and important role.

In the 50 minutes each online Spanish class, there will be some warm-up time (just to catch up and get ready), a main focus part (where the highlight of the lesson is introduced), monitored practice (your online Spanish tutor will guide you and make corrections when necessary), Q&A time and finally, guidelines for the following lesson.

If you have come all this way , you are quite likely interested in our Spanish lessons online, but you may also feel  like you need something else to make up your mind. Well, let us help you with that extra something? As you read above, you can have a free class trial and it is pretty easy. Keep scrolling down, find the ‘Free Class Trial’ button and click it! Introduce your details and we will get back to you to arrange your trial class.

what our students say

"Having a private online Spanish tutor gives you tons of freedom. I felt I was progressing much more as I knew exactly what I wanted to practice and learn. I was having cold feet at the very beginning with the online thing, but after the free class trial, I wasn't reluctant anymore. My teacher Rafa was very supportive and helped me to progress in my B1 level!"
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"I've been studying Spanish for ages. Coming in and out of it, struggling to cram it into my everyday life (work, kids, chores...). I had tried other online Spanish classes, but they always fell short and I felt I was just flushing money down the toilet. But when I found AIP Language Institute, I was ready to give them a go. And they didn't disappoint. I was fine with what the Private lessons offered and they ended up giving me exactly what I needed. The Spanish lessons online with AIP also helped me to understand how technology has evolved. Hey! If Christina Aguilera can teach people to sing with online tutorials, who says you can't learn Spanish online."
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"I'm a terrible learner. I have always been. I joined the Spanish lessons online in the A2 group as one of my last attempts learning Spanish. The fact that it was online made it extremely convenient, as I didn't have to fight the laziness of having to move around. And on the plus side, I also managed to become more fluent."
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MBA Student
"I love travelling and Spain is one of my favorite destinations. I was tired of going there and not being able to communicate properly (most people there don't speak English) so I wanted to learn like a 'survival kit', and the Private lessons were just the right fit. They had a lot of practice and I got to learn the basics and was also able to expand my knowledge a bit further."
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